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Twink Initiation

A twink initiation took place at MaleDigital. As you know there are few straight twinks around and it doesn’t happen that often to have a straight guy getting fucked here for the first time. The hot twinks were home working for something for school and it all started. No one was really that focused on the project so instead of working, chatting seemed a better idea. One thing leads to another and soon after that, we got a gay twink and a twink that was too shy to ever try something, in the same room. Now that they each knew about one another it was easier for them to bond and to actually help one another. The twink initiation can now start and you get to see it all, but first let us tell how it all happen.

It was a bit of work convincing the newest maledigital to try it out but once he accepted we couldn’t wait to see his tight virgin ass getting pounded. You could tell that he wasn’t that experienced but he tried his best until his classmate took over and showed him how things showed be done. Seeing him sucking off his first dick and then taking it up his ass is something you shouldn’t miss out. Like we said earlier this doesn’t happen that often and now you can check out the scene entirely by following the link below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time for more!


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MaleDigital – Hard for me

Are you ready for today’s maledigital update? ‘Cause it’s here and it’s so hot! More raw ass fucking coming your way, more blowjobs and handjobs too. The best part about our guys is that they are always in the mood for some fun and getting their asses drilled is a must, why bother if no one takes care of you fine ass? The two horny jocks got us in the right mood just by taking a look at those amazing bodies, those rock hard abs and those fat dicks really turned us on. Nothing wrong with a little flashing before some backdoor action. Just by looking at them you already know that they won’t disappoint you. The jocks had the entire place all to themselves and they took full advantage of it.

The hottie worked as an escort and as you already know for some extra cash they doesn’t mind pleasing their clients home, in the bedroom, as well. The hot escort was invited to his client’s place and it’s pretty clear what happened there. After a little striptease, he took really good care of his client’s dick and after sucking it off, he took up his tight ass. This is what we call full service! The male digital hunks offered us an amazing gay sex scene and you can check it out entirely by following the link below. See you next time with more digital jocks in action!


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Tight Raw Assholes

MaleDigital is back with another great update for you guys, so get ready for more tight raw assholes getting banged. Another youngster has joined the male digital family and he’s here to show off his skills in front of the camera. He doesn’t have to much experience in it but that is going to change with the help of our guys. You can’t find a better place to try out new things or to learn new things than here. We set him up with one of the more experienced twinks that we have and here you have him showcasing his skillz in the preview we shared with you below.

It took him a bit to get used to all the cameras around him, but afterwards no one could stop him from getting what he wants and he really wanted that ass from this one. He knew that he was auditioning but he still wanted to slam it and he knew that if he did a great job at sucking off his dick he was going to get there too. So he gave his best and you could tell that, so he got slowly to where he wanted to be. His tight, raw asshole was right there in front of him, ready to get stuffed and once he could finally hit it, there was no mercy. We’re telling you guys, this maledigital twink is going to be big in the business. See him below in action!


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MaleDigital – Big Dicks

MaleDigital is back! After the last update, we thought you guys might really enjoy seeing some younger dudes in action, slamming their tight asses. Don’t let their age fool you, they might seem young but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have it. You might be surprised by these youngsters and once their clothes come off you will understand what we are talking about. They might seem skinny and stuff, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have big dicks. The jocks finally got the house all to themselves and they weren’t going to miss on such an opportunity. As soon as the parents left, the door was closed, the clothes were off and they are all set up for some backdoor action and as you can see it’s all about the pleasure with these two!


It would’ve been such a waste to leave those fine little asses without getting stuffed. The horny twinks didn’t do that to us and as soon as they were left alone they offered us an amazing show that all of you guys will appreciate. The twinks started blowing one another’s dick and soon after that their asses were next in line and they did a great job hammering one another. Their big dicks have finally been put to work and you can check it all out in the maledigital gallery below. Enjoy the latest male digital update and make sure to return tomorrow for more!

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Rectodus Society

These maledigital hunks really know how to party and it isn’t a party until someone gets fucked. They have their little parties from time to time, only guys so you can imagine what goes down there. As you can see in the preview below they are all really good looking and always ready for some action. Usually this is how their parties go, they get together at the house, have a few drinks, chat a bit with the people around there and once the new guys left things really got really hot between them. They are pretty strict with their group and the new members so for this one you have only the oldest guys.

The rectodus┬ámaledigital society meeting can finally start! All the hunks are naked and ready for action, but not before they showed off their amazing bodies one more time in front of the camera. We know lately we brought more twinks so we know you guys are going to love these male digital hunks. Not that the twinks didn’t do a great job in the older updates but these hunks are way more experienced and you can see that in the scene below. THe jocks took turns on hammering their asses and you got the best seat in the house to see them in action. From ass fucking to cock sucking you got it all in the latest update below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next with more updates!


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MaleDigital – Anal Exams

MaleDigital brought you a new twink that’s ready to get his anal exams. But these aren’t your ordinary exams, their doctor has a very special way of doing it and that involved shoving his dick up his patient’s ass. The new college year started and if you wanted to join any team you had to had to take your medical exams first. This surely was the doctor’s favorite part of the year. The exam included a full body examination and all the guys there knew what that meant. The doc couldn’t keep his hands to himself and none of the jocks had the gut to tell someone about what was going on there. But there were a few hunks there that actually enjoy it all.

These are two of them and as you can see the wait for the doctor was a bit too long for them. The doctor usually saw two guys at a time for the basic stuff and when it was time for their anal exam he kept only one in there. So these two were waiting in his office and once they heard the nurse telling them that the doctor is going to be late they decided to have some fun of their own. Completely naked in an empty office, there weren’t too many things that could’ve been done but the picked the best of them all as you can see below. Tale a look at the male digital update below and we’ll bring you more gay scenes next time!


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Raw Open Doors

Yuur favorite maledigital jocks are back with more raw fucking scenes just for you guys. Below, as you can see, we got two more jocks bareback fucking their asses in front of the camera. These two continued their training in the bedroom why stop in the gym. They were the only two guys around there that were into other dudes and it was obvious to anyone there. You could see them from a mile, just by the way they were touching and watching one another. Although they really wanted to do it in the locker room that place was always full, guys coming, others leaving, it was a complete mess around there so there was too hard to get the entire room just for themselves. So they had to find another place to handle their business.

Their homes were next on the list and that’s where this scene took place. Once the door of the apartment closed they couldn’t keep their hands to each other. Their clothes fell first and from that point on you can check it all in the gallery below. These raw fucking scenes are the best to check out and as you can see these guys didn’t hold back from a lot of things. The maledigital hunks sucked off and stuffed their asses during the entire scene and you must check it out. This was all for today but make sure you check it out entirely and return tomorrow for more!


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MaleDigital – Addiction

MaleDigital brought you a foursome this time. The hot twinks are back here and this time they are all in the same scene nailing their asses. These horny twinks are always ready for some action as you can see in the preview below. They’ve been with older guys until this one so it’s time to show off what they’ve learned in the past few weeks and why have two twinks when you can have four taking turns on one another. The clothes came off pretty fast and on that king size bed the twinks begun blowing one another’s dick and then taking them up their ass two by two. With so many guys in the same scene you know this is going to be fire.


The jocks didn’t hurry at all so you guys are going to see a lot of amazing pictures from their little encounter. Some of the pictures are all about the handjobs, blowjobs, rimming but many of them are going to be with them banging their asses in front of the camera. The male digital twinks always make our day better with each of their scenes and this is one of their best so we are sure you are going to enjoy it as much as we did. If you want to see it all make sure to check out the entire picture gallery we have prepared for you guys below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!

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MaleDigital – Young Toys

For this one we brought you a more experienced maledigital hunk. He’s gonna have some fun with these twinks and they can’t wait to get their asses pounded by him. This worked out for both of them, they’ve never tried an older dude and you can’t never get enough of the youngsters. Perfect match! The best part is that no one suspected them, he is actually friends with their parents and was left in charge for a few days while they were out of town. The horny twinks didn’t leave the house, so he did his job right, not in the ideal way but he took care of things the best why he could.

The twinks knew what was going to happen, this wasn’t their first encounter with him, but it was their first threeway and it’s one they won’t forget too soon. The older male got the two cute twinks to blow his dick while he was busy jerking them off. But the best is yet to come! The hot twinks liked it all but they wanted more him and they got more! The older jock took his time and the cute twinks finally got what they wanted, to get their fine little asses drilled. But seeing them getting double teamed is what really convinced us to share it with you guys. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for more male digital fresh updates!


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Hot and Twinks

What do you do when you want hot dudes and twinks in the same scene? You check out the latest update from maledigital, for sure! Although they might seem younger, these guys are actually 18yo. The cute twinks found a better way of spending their afternoon than doing homework. The horny twinks got together almost every day and taking dicks up their asses was the main activity. Their parents didn’t suspect a thing, they both have good grades so when they heard about doing their homework together that meant that they had one less thing to think about. The twinks knew exactly when to spice things up, they’ve learned their parents schedule better than anyone. It was pretty hard to find an empty place to fuck so without any money in their pockets this is the only option they had.

About an hour after they’ve met they had the place to themselves and that’s when all the magic happened. The hot maledigital twinks might seem inexperienced but it’s just an impression, these two are going to show how things must be done. As you check them out below blowing one another’s dick you know this is going to be a great scene. The twinks couldn’t wait to get to their asses and they found the best place to do that, on a washing machine. We told you that these guys don’t mess around and that they’ll surprise you. See them male digital twinks in action in the scene below!


Watch here these twinks blowing one another’s dick!

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