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Raw Open Doors

Yuur favorite maledigital jocks are back with more raw fucking scenes just for you guys. Below, as you can see, we got two more jocks bareback fucking their asses in front of the camera. These two continued their training in the bedroom why stop in the gym. They were the only two guys around there that were into other dudes and it was obvious to anyone there. You could see them from a mile, just by the way they were touching and watching one another. Although they really wanted to do it in the locker room that place was always full, guys coming, others leaving, it was a complete mess around there so there was too hard to get the entire room just for themselves. So they had to find another place to handle their business.

Their homes were next on the list and that’s where this scene took place. Once the door of the apartment closed they couldn’t keep their hands to each other. Their clothes fell first and from that point on you can check it all in the gallery below. These raw fucking scenes are the best to check out and as you can see these guys didn’t hold back from a lot of things. The maledigital hunks sucked off and stuffed their asses during the entire scene and you must check it out. This was all for today but make sure you check it out entirely and return tomorrow for more!


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