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MaleDigital – Takin’ Dick

Hey there guys and welcome back for more gay sex scenes! Another cute hunk is ready to take some dick in this maledigital update. These affairs between neighbors are all over the place and we finally got our hands on one of them. The newest male digital jocks were living in the same building and after some weeks of teasing, they finally got theirs. These two have been on and off for a while now but without anything more serious to happen. Every time something got in the middle and stopped things before they could go further. The other night things changed for them. They got to spend the entire night together and it started in the weirdest way.

From talking about guy problems to one another the jocks ended up in the bedroom where they found a better way of dealing with them. Instead of crying about it, they decided to do something and what’s better than some rebound sex with the cute neighbor next door. Now without anyone messing with their game plan the two horny jocks finally got their hands on one another and made the best out of it. The guys offered a great show as they sucked off one another’s dick and then shoved them in their fine asses. We told you there was going to be a show! See them in action below and don’t forget to check out some of the oldest updates as well!


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