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MaleDigital – Smart Asses

MaleDigital has returned and two more hunks are ready to get down for you guys. This is what happens with smart asses that can’t keep their mouth shut, they get their asses hammered. These two were arguing for the whole week about their favorite teams and now that game day was here they had a pretty interesting bet. They were cheering for different teams so the winner of the game had the other guy as a slave for the rest of the week. Two days where the loser had to do everything that the winner wanted him to. This was a really fun bet and of course the smart ass was the one that lost. This made it even sweeter because now he could finally shut his big mouth off. This must’ve been the best part of the entire week, he always losses so he had all kind of things in his mind to try with him even before the game was over.

Now the winner had to decide what to do with the loser. Besides being his valet for the next two days the loser became his fuck boy. Don’t think that needs too many explications, the name says it all, a guy that you fuck whenever you want. Fucking the smart ass right after the game must’ve been the best part of it, just shutting his big mouth and getting a turn at this big mouth and fine ass, that’s all we wanted to see from these two. You can check it out entirely below and don’t forget to return for more male digital scenes!


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