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In this latest maledigital update we got another cute twink getting fucked. After school classes just got way more interesting for them. He was flunking in school so he got to take some extra lessons at home. It wasn’t the dream scenerio, all day long learning but he made it more interesting for all for us, not just him. The male digital youngster had this cute teacher tutoring him and everyone in his school knew that he was into guys, but no one knew that the cute blond guy was also into dudes. For their first lessons he minded his own business but as time passed by things were getting hotter and hotter between them. Don’t you just love seeing teachers taking such good care of their students? We do!


The teacher knew it, he knew it so now they were waiting for the other to make the first move. Easier said than done! His parents were there for all the lessons so it seemed pretty hard to do until two days ago. For the first time they had the house all to themselves and as you can see things couldn’t get hottest for them. The two hot jocks spent the entire afternoon taking turns on hammering their asses all over the house. This is what we call good teaching. We don’t know how he did at school but he sure learned a thing or two after this encounter. Check it out entirely below!

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