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MaleDigital – Anal Exams

MaleDigital brought you a new twink that’s ready to get his anal exams. But these aren’t your ordinary exams, their doctor has a very special way of doing it and that involved shoving his dick up his patient’s ass. The new college year started and if you wanted to join any team you had to had to take your medical exams first. This surely was the doctor’s favorite part of the year. The exam included a full body examination and all the guys there knew what that meant. The doc couldn’t keep his hands to himself and none of the jocks had the gut to tell someone about what was going on there. But there were a few hunks there that actually enjoy it all.

These are two of them and as you can see the wait for the doctor was a bit too long for them. The doctor usually saw two guys at a time for the basic stuff and when it was time for their anal exam he kept only one in there. So these two were waiting in his office and once they heard the nurse telling them that the doctor is going to be late they decided to have some fun of their own. Completely naked in an empty office, there weren’t too many things that could’ve been done but the picked the best of them all as you can see below. Tale a look at the male digital update below and we’ll bring you more gay scenes next time!


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